Adding Zimbra Users with Faker gem

About Faker Gem

Gem is a ruby software package which offers particular functionalities to the ruby programs and generally enable you to write the application code faster.

The manual process of creating the data can be hard. Faker gem serves to take this pain away by generating the fake data just as needed and saving us all the time and effort otherwise wasted in the manual process of data-generation.

It can generate almost any kind of data suitable for application testing, so it’s very useful.

Generate random usernames with Faker gem

Faker gem we need to install and requires in our script. So, let’s start…

Installing faker

$ gem install faker

Create ruby file/script

$ nano random.rb

Make Array with fake usernames

First of all, we are going to make array where we put values from gem faker. in our case we want to generate 10 first names of users with downcase latters, so we gona use .downcase method

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'faker'

usernames =

10.times do
  str =  Faker::Name.unique.first_name.downcase
  usernames.push str

While Faker generates data at random, returned values are not guaranteed to be unique by default. You must explicity specify when you require unique values.

Creating Domain

Every account must have domain name, and we will create it with the user input method gets.chomp and let the user to choose and enter name of domain.

user_input = gets.chomp.capitalize

Code for domain creation we put to while loop because want a proper input from user. Also, new variable user_input we are using in command for creating new Zimbra domain.

while loop do
  puts 'Enter your domain name:'

  user_input = gets.chomp
  if user_input == ''
    puts "Please add your domain"
    system("zmprov cd #{user_input} zimbraAuthMech zimbra")

Creating Zimbra Account

Now, we have user and user_input variables and we are gona create new and fake accounts.

usernames.each do |user|
  system ("zmprov ca #{user}@#{user_input} PassWD_123")

puts "Accounts added"

Using Ruby Script

Call random.rb script:

$ ruby random.rb


Enter your domain name:

We are going to enter domain name:



Accounts added

Check created Fake Zimbra accounts:

$ zmprov -l gaa


Zimbra accounts with Gem Faker have been created. That’s all folks!